OnePound App

Achieve your goal one pound at a time.


Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, OnePound helps you track your progress in a fun and intuitive way. OnePound allows you to set a goal, record your weight on a daily basis, calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index), and plot your progress on chart that makes reviewing that progress fun and engaging.


  • Simple and intuitive interface that is easy on the eyes
  • Set your personal weight goal and track your progress
  • Calculate your approximate BMI based on height and weight
  • Graphically represented data with great looking chart
  • Selectable US or metric unit of measurement

Main Application Screen

Simple features make OnePound an easy application to use. Everything you need is conveniently located on one screen.

Chart Your Progress

Every time you enter your weight, OnePound plots your progress on the graph. The chart can show you how close to your goal weight you are. Flick left or right to see your history.

Settings Screen

The settings screen in OnePound provides easy access to preferences like units of measurement, height, and goal.

BMI Automatically Calculated

Enter your height in the settings area and OnePound will calculate your approximate BMI score for you automatically. Color bars indicate if your score is high or low.

Download OnePound

OnePound is available for Android tablets, the Blackberry Playbook, and the Nook Color with the iPad available later this year.

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